Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interactive Ads should be always come with Creativity

Influence by my previous study, multimedia design, I often roll over or even click though display (interactive banner) advertising. I will expect some of the advertising can show some creative idea and give surprise to me. Although there is research shown this kind of display advertising has the least effect on generating direct sales. The performance on brand awareness is the most significant. So what are the main factors influencing campaign performance in interactive advertising? Atlas suggests that Ads creativity, media placement, offer and incentive are.

Coca-Cola is one the companies that make me associate with online interactive advertising creativity. They will use integrated marketing tools in every new products or seasonal campaigns. TVC, print ads, outdoor ads, spokesperson, and internet marketing are integrating to maximize the performance. From cartoon character “Qoo” to latest spokesperson Joey Yung are appeared in interactive advertising in Hong Kong.

Coca-Cola interactive advertising

click image to see the ad

One of the Coca-Cola display ads found on that placed on Yahoo ( in South Korea is creative. It fulfills part of Ogilvy article suggested on Internet advertising creative tips. Start with brand awareness to capture audiences’ attention, increased the reach, then entice people to interactive / play with it. And trigger emotional bonds between Coca-Cola and the audiences with rich media animation. Bring out “Open Happiness with Coke Phone, Open and share it with your friends!” message. Finally increase the click through rate to target site Coke PLAY.

Post by Alvin Chan

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