Saturday, July 4, 2009

The goals of Interactive Advertising

According to Cartellieri et al (1997), there is a wider range of goals for online campaigns including:
1. Delivering content: A click-though on a banner advertisement leads through to a destination site that provides more information.
2. Shaping attitude: An advertisement that is consistent with a company brand can help build brand awareness.
3. Soliciting response: An advertisement may be intended to identify as a start for two-way communication and encourage a user to type in an email address.
4. Encouraging retention: The advertisement may be placed as a reminder about the company and its service.

adidas Hong Kong created an online campaign in order to enhance her brand awareness and personalize its “Impossible is Nothing” theme among sports lovers.
1. adidas creates banner ads on MSN homepage, the ads is used to drive traffic to the branded web site blog on Windows Live Spaces ( The blog updated the detailed theme campaign information.
2. adidas invites users to share their own stories on the blog. The most favorite story will bring the prize for the user.
3. adidas official web site ( shows the strengthen positive brand attributes among users. The users can register as adidas members to get the update news by email.
Adidas interactive online campaign
4. After the online campaign, the brand attributes of adidas is increasing included online ads awareness, message association, purchase intent…etc. Adidas interactive online campagin resultThe adidas online campaign is very successful that adidas can enhance brand affinity through its theme, reach current and new customers and also increase sales of adidas products.

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  2. The idea behind that advertising efforts of Adidas is really amazing. I really like their idea and looking forward to apply it for my business as well.

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