Saturday, July 4, 2009

Unified Language – Game Banner Ad

“Great advertising doesn't ask what the ad will get from consumers. Rather, it asks what the ad can give to them.” By Kevin Carney, ClickZ

An effective form
Game banner ad becomes a gift to viewer since the traditional forms of advertising have been so overdone and people would instinctively ignore them. Game banner ad enables more convenience to the user that interacts with the brand by remaining the same website. More, game, what an unified language to all people in www world, applicable anywhere anytime, it’s actually providing a higher success rate for the advertiser.

Based on the interest of consumers, the marketer delivers a message that evokes emotion and wraps the brand in the positive association. While it may perform so-so in making user purchase at the second, it successfully empowered consumers, which is more than simply allowing consumers to customize and personalize. This kind of engagement strengthens the emotional, psychological or physical investment a customer has in a brand, hence enhances the impression in user mindset.

“Pictureka: Stinky Things!” a game banner ad carried out to spread awareness of “Pictureka” personality. With a simple “picture hunt” game play, deliver user a relevant and positive experience of the brand and her characters that would stick with them long after they have surfed on.

It’s Starting to Go Viral
Interactive Game banners attract viewers without sales message and incentives but joy and fun; they blur the lines between advertising and entertainment; they accomplish something a standard message usually is unable to. What is more, an interesting game could drive people to share and talk, a creditable promotion eventually forms.
“Pictureka: Stinky Things!” game banner ad
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