Saturday, July 4, 2009

2Ws of Interactive Advertising

"The Internet provides the means for "interaction" between buyers and sellers to such a degree that some have suggested this is the defining characteristic of the Internet" by Leckenby and Li

The customer has now come to include several generations of technology savvy consumers. They entitle to have what they want it, when they want it and where they choose to have it. Majority of consumers will eventually be highly interactive oriented. Actually, we all nowadays cannot avoid getting in touch with interactive advertisements in the Internet.


Interactive advertising is quite a broad term. In general, the Internet provides the means for “interaction” between buyers and sellers (Leckenby and Li, 2000). In the same way, interactive advertising means there is interaction between the sender and receiver of the ads. Actually, all forms of online, wireless and interactive television advertising, including banners, sponsorships, e-mail, keyword searches, referrals, interstitial, pop-ups, websites and interactive television commercials can be categorized as interactive advertising.


Interactive advertising could be used for content delivering, transaction enabling, attitudes shaping, response soliciting or retention encouraging. I think interactive advertising attach importance to creativity as people always pay attention to creativity. For example, Nike’s NIKEiD provides a platform for customers to match the colours of the sports requisites. Both the marketers and customers are creative.
Nike interactive Ad

The typical formats of interactive ads mainly include banner ads, sponsorship requests and pop-ups/interstitial webpages. Advances in the Internet technology have enriched the design of webpages. This blog has shown / will show you how diversified in interactive ads are.

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